• "If you whine for something hard enough, you just might get it. (Site effect: The whole community will hate you.)"

    what recent events have taught me

    I’m surprised it’s not like common sense?

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    If anyone in the tag wants me to do a lair review, I feel like doing one tonight! The only review I’ve done so far can be found here.

    Lundlaeva, #13217

    You’ve got a ton of these to do so I understand if you don’t get around to me. ^-^

  • One of my Doctor Who dragons has the Leafy Moth as a familiar.

    I am now mentally referring to that familiar as The Moff.


  • Jormungandr trotted into the Lair, humming softly to himself as he pushed his goggles up onto his forehead — and stopped short. It seemed awfully … quiet.

    Not bad-quiet, just oddly peaceful. Unusually peaceful.

    There was noise, of course. A new nest of hatchlings had recently arrived and were playing together; the sound of Thor training his sons, Magni and Modi, in the ways of battle could be heard for miles around; and his nephew Daell was conversing softly with Skald and Nera in their little cavern. Most of the other dragons were outside, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, but even so: he had been in the Lair when there was absolutely no one else present, and there was usually more noise than this! He decided to investigate.

    He wound through the various passages and caverns that made up the Lair, using the pathways he and Nathra had created, but most of the dragons were out enjoying the sunshine.

    Eventually, he came to the cavern where the Clan kept their Hoard. It was close to the centre of the Lair, where it could be protected, but nonetheless there was a broad, airy chute leading to the fresh air and letting light in. This was where the Clan’s familiars - those not bonded with a particular dragon - lived. There he found Valkyrja.

    She was sitting quietly, letting the air ruffle her feathers as she watched her many charges. She had one paw clamped down on one of the long crest-feathers of her current favourite: a yellow-throated sparrowmouse, which looked very confused by the situation. Jormungandr snorted at the site, then looked around again. As his own familiar - a Shadow Serpent - slithered over to coil happily up to drape itself around his neck like a living scarf, he realised what was wrong.

    "Where did they go?" he asked.

    Valkyrja chuckled, her eyes tinkling in the sockets of her headdress. They were such a dark and bloody shade of pink that she seemed more Plague than Arcane.

    "Sold," she said simply, her voice as fine and well-spoken as either of her parents. Jormungandr’s jaw dropped, his eyes widening so much that his brows pushed his goggles up onto his horns. Valkurja rolled her eyes, laughing. "Uncle Jorm, they were eating all of our food. They had to go."

    Jormungandr sighed and looked around at the depleted collection of friends that his parents and Thor had brought back with them from hunting and gathering. “It’s too quiet.”

    Valkyrja grinned, her teeth - unusually pointed for a Skydancer - glinting beneath the bone of her headdress. “I can think of ways to make it less quiet.”

    Jormungandr flexed his wings. “Oh really?”

    "First to the sparrowmouse wins," she said, and let it go.

    The sparrowmouse chirruped, still confused and took a tentative step away from her. It blinked its huge eyes, looked between the two dragons — and shot straight up the chute.

    The two dragons followed, laughing as they bounded into flight, crashing together and into the crystalline walls on their way up and up and up towards the distant blue window of the sky.

    I put all my spare familiars on the AH and all but two of them sold. The familiars tab in my hoard has halved! XD As this coincides with the hatching and adulthood of our clan’s resident beast-wrangler … I had to write a thing.

    Apologies because it’s rushed, and because my mental layout of the Lair is very nebulous at the best of times. The whole thing was better in my head. But I enjoyed writing it nonetheless!

  • I bumped my giveaway thread last night before bed. The past few clutches have had basically no interest at all so I (moronically, as it turns out) thought this one wouldn’t get any bites either until I started shouting “Get your free exalt fodder over here~!” again.

    Only we have a TON of new players now, don’t we. Guess who forgot that?

    I had seventeen replies.

    S e v e n t e e n.

    ; _ ;

    I had to tell, like, fifteen people that they’d have to wait for the next clutch and I feel like a horrible person, aaaaaa. (But hey: getting rid of hatchlings should be easier the next few times!)

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    Having a bad day. So!


    Please? :) Thank you.



    Random Progen


    *waves* Hi!

    Ooooo your progen is lovely! Similar colours to what I went for myself. ^-^ Midnight fae wings are lovely!

    I actually like your random one too - he’s unusual, that’s for certain!

  • Having a bad day. So!


    Please? :) Thank you.

  • toxicityrising:



    Things I need:

    • Blue Steampunk Apparel
    • Purple Steampunk Apparel
    • Teal/Turquoise Steampunk Apparel?
    • Just generally more colours of Steampunk Apparel

    Also more colours of the Nomad duds would be cool.



    AGREED. I have so many dragons that need scarves but none of the right colors exist yet. I also hope they make eyewear a thing seeing as we can find spectacles in the game (that pun was awful, please stone me). My Eridan Imp needs his scarf and hipster glasses, dammit. D:

    Yes, we need these things for fan-dragons! (The Homestuck aspect didn’t even cross my mind, but man, yes. Purple scarves for all the Eridans! Multicoloured would be nice as well, so my Fourth Doctor can have an appropriate scarf too …)

    I love the scarves but they also cause me PAIN because my dragons are all the wrong colours. ;-;

  • stuckinhomes said: Yes yes same here I love the steampunk apparel!

    It’s always been my favourite apparel on the site from the start!

    But I neeeeeeeed more colours. I really hope it’s the next ‘set’ they update, colour-wise but I doubt it will be.

  • Jormungandr & Nathra <3

    Jorm got a new gene today (Tiger) so I decided to put s’more clothes on him. He cuts quite a dash in his goggles and Windbound Plumage! (I’m going to see what the Water festival apparel is, and almost certainly will give him the Water Emblem. He may or may not keep the goggles; I’m not a fan of his Arcane eyes right now, but normally I like ‘em so … IDK.)

    I decided to do Nathra as well. She is definitely Highnoonin’ it up with some proper Gloomy Spurs when I can spare the treasure! :D

    Her personality/story has been evading me. I tried the steampunk stuff on her and was kind of ‘meh’ about it. I wanted something red to match her lovely Plague eyes as well, but all I had was the Hank. I was dubious - but the moment I saw it on her everything clicked: she’s an ‘Old West’ dragon! It has helped me pin her down a bit more and get a feel for who she is, which is fantastic! \o/

    The one time I bred them, their babies were received with utter indifference so they will probably never breed again, but I still want to give her Clown because Platinum Clown is lovely.

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